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Your desired test score is not far-fetched, we are here to help you hone your skills and claim “5 bonus points” for migration.



We are educators, trainers and the round pegs in the square holes, who help students around the world to crack recognized tests.

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We offer a holistic approach based on research, analysis and sound experience for tests like NAATI, IELTS, PTE & other certification tests

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Our preparation modules include Online classes, Mock Tests, Interactive sessions, Individual feedback & Self-assessment Tools

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We at JL Academy strongly believe in the ability to lead and inspire. We try to clear out self-doubts, uncertainties, & fear from our students and help them step up to a new level understanding of what is possible.

90Audio Files
90Dialogues & Answers
50Recent Exam Dialogues
Expert Guidance

Our experts are just a phone call away! We assign an exclusive personal trainer to analyse your skill levels & guide you towards excellence.

Interactive 1-on-1 Classes

No wonder, the beginners need to understand the concepts, methods, & tricks clearly and coherently. Our classes are stitched for you.

Resourceful Material

Curated by experts, our Materials will explore ways in which these exams are constructed and will provide everything you need to get a great score!

Real-Time Test Environment

Make the best out of our flexible test environment dedicated to simulating real-time test activities without any glitches or interruptions

Intensive Mock Tests

Get access to 100+ standardized mock tests to help you practice & better your performance. Get Analysis report on Your Strengths & Weakness.

Access On The Go!

Learn as you jump ships! Smart-phone, tablet or laptop, we got your back anytime, anywhere, motivating you till you succeed.

Who We Are?

JL academy is an Australian-based educational institute that is intended to transform the lives of students by providing professional training solutions.

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What We Do?

Let’s face it: there is no way to develop a successful strategy for cracking NAATI, IELTS & PTE tests without understanding what the exam is going to be testing you on. We are experts, academics & teachers on these tests, ready hand you everything on a silver platter.

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What We Offer?

Having a global network of experts, trainers, and teachers, we provide training solutions for all recognized certification tests.

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  1. 1
    Positive approach

    We understand exams kick-in a lot of anxiety and pressure and that’s why we focus on creating a winning attitude first, among our students.

  2. 2
    Quality Learning

    Our learning environment is designed to provide our students with the highest quality resources and minimal route learning.

  3. 3
    Affordable Training Packages

    Choose from our wide range of training packages stitched as per your requirements and necessity

  4. 4
    Quality Delivery

    We ensure our service delivery quality remains top-notch through the course lifecycle.

  5. 5
    Self Analysis Tools

    Check your stats on you perform in different sections of the tests and know your potential yourself and areas of improvement.